Flying Tiger Copenhagen by Saffron

Check out this stunning piece of branding by Saffron, London...


Tiger started life as a small market stall in Copenhagen selling umbrellas (and then sunglasses – umbrellas didn't sell so well in the summer). It grew fast – very fast, as shoppers took to their unique formula of quirky and affordable products with a Scandi design ethos.


A change in ownership, combined with massive global expansion plans, led to a need for distilling some of that magic that had made the store so successful in the first place. We worked closely with the new team, some of the old team, and some of the founding family to create a Tiger brand very much rooted in the store's unique DNA - but much more expressive of what makes Tiger stores and products unlike anything else out there.


Everyday magic

First we defined a powerful brand idea to rally around internally and externally: Everyday Magic. It’s the shorthand for everything that Tiger aspires to bring to their customers, a reflection of how they can make the functional, emotional — and the everyday, magical. The creative tension between the humble Everyday and the more fantastic Magic invites customers to go in and discover what's in store for them. It's a summation of what they stand for - being judiciously used as a sign-off in communications, as well.


Crafted to look uncrafted

We created a new logo, carefully crafted to look uncrafted. Strong shapes and lettering give it an iconic look & feel. It's used as a calling card, from the storefront to the website.