5 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Website

These days we do everything online from shopping to communicating with loved ones. So it's no surprise that 'wedsites' are one of the fastest growing trends in wedding planning today. Need more persuading? Here are 5 ways a 'wedsite' can benefit you...

1. Tell your guests everything they need to know

It's hard to convey all that information in one little invite. Having a website means you can organize everything in a simple yet elegant fashion

2. Save on printing costs

If you've ever had invites printed before, you'll know how quickly the cost can mount up. Directing your guests to a website can save time, effort and money 

3. Share your story with loved ones

It may sound cheesy, but guests love learning about you as a couple. They love seeing pictures and reading stories about how you met. You can let them know why you chose the specific food, venue or theme that you chose. All of these personal touches will make your guests excited about the event

4. Stress free RSVPs 

Managing RSVPs through your website is simple and efficient. You can also ask for your guests email addresses just in case you need to follow up on any last minute details.

5. It's a time capsule

Why not post your wedding pictures afterwards and keep the site running as a beautiful time capsule of your special day. 

Now you're sold on this 'wedsite' idea, where do you start? At SpaceSquared we design beautiful modern websites at a low cost. Check out our website at Spacesquared.co.uk